Mask Detection and Temperature Monitoring

Businesses need to protect Employees and Customers                                              

These are challenging times for businesses who are opening up after the lockdown. Every business needs to find a way to minimize the risk of corona virus. A system that policies mask usage and body temperature is very helpful. Also, in order to protect the employees and customers, businesses need to implement certain procedures by law before they can open up. Temperature checking is a critical part of opening process. At a large corporation, in an effort to ensure that employees and support staff are healthy when they arrive at work, anyone registering a temperature of over the CDC guideline of 100.4F is being asked to return home and only come back to work after they've gone three days without fever. These and other guidelines are Necessary to maintain health of the employees. In many cases, the guide lines were not followed and businesses are not careful and do not follow the State guidelines, they can be fined heavily and business is shut down. Also, it is quite possible that an employee may catch COVID-19 and pass it on to others also. In this situation, the business may have to close down again; no one can afford to do that. Unfortunately, we are already seeing that in some businesses.

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Computel Systems is marketing a wide range of products to address these issues at Restaurants, Drug Stores and Grocery Stores and check-in gate at the Airport. We have been in the business for the last twenty four years here in Charlotte. We are implementing state of the art technology based on AI in an affordable and user friendly stand alone system. It is a very easy to use system as shown above , just plug it in and it starts working immediately. It detects temperature above 100.4 F (user can change setting) and alerts with a beep when it detects the "High Temperature" prompting the attendant to take a second reading with a hand held thermometer to confirm. The system also detects if some one is wearing a mask or not. It alerts with a beep to the attendant and reminds the employees that they need to wear a face mask. This is a non- confrontational approach to a serious problem with a recording of evidence if needed. These systems can save you time and money and help you in protecting your business, your employees and  your customers. This safer approach makes the customer's comfortable in coming to your   store. Pls. click here to download a brochure for more information.

Temperature Solution for Crowded Areas

Instant Thermal Scanning is of Critical Importance...         

Businesses like commercial buildings, Warehouses, Shopping centers, Hospitals, Schools and Theaters where face mask detection and temperature surveillance is a must. Our system is (also capable of  facial recognition) can detect up to 30 distinct body temperature readings simultaneously and alerts you if a high temperature body is detected for further evaluation. We can receive highly accurate readings from a distance of 9.8 ft. with an accuracy of +/- 0.54F. The system can also be configured for "People counting" to maintain "Maximum Number Allowed" of occupants in a building. For more information; please watch the video by clicking here and download the brochure.