An E mail from Deepak Jain President, Computel Systems, Inc..

                 Cyber Security made affordable & easy to implement


Thank- you for attending the Cyber Security Presentation. As you know more and more businesses are being impacted by Cyber Attacks and these attacks are costing millions of dollars to companies such as yours in down time, loss of revenue and exposure to cyber criminals who can harvest your customer information for illegal activity.

Being in computer industry for over 25 years we are aware of challenges that can impact your business continuity and developed an affordable and effective cyber security solution. We can improve your Cyber Security in just three easy steps:


  1. Free E-Books on  CYBER SECURITY: A critical business issue  &  BYOD for Dummies E-Book
  2. Take advantage of Free half hour consulting to get a brief cyber security assessment or BYOD assessment by phone or on site by appointment only   Click here
  3. Start a 60 Day Free Trial (includes24X7) Technical support on a SYMANTEC Anti -Virus and Malware security solution, that includes five layers of unrivaled protection.  Click for details

Our strategy is to reduce your risk and help you secure your assets. Treat yourself to Computel difference today, we are only a phone call away.


D. Jain

VP Sales
Computel Systems, Inc.
Ph: 704-541-8659  Fax: 704-321-3279

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