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Computel Systems has been in operation since 1996. We started our company by assembling High availability , NEBS compliant, fault tolerant server for the TELCO Industry, since than we have supplied millions of dollars worth of IT equipment to the energy companies in Saudi-Arabia. We have repeat business from all these clients due to our reputation for service and low cost. Our industry experience dates back to early 70's with machine language programming, servicing main frames & industrial process controllers. In later years, keeping up with technology , we have integrated products from all major vendors and supplied high performance work stations, servers & printers etc. Our years of IT experience has provided us with a 360 view of technology enabling us to find unique solution for our clients. Our vendor partnerships provide us with a special pricing advantage to source products at the lowest possible cost. The initial consultation is FREE and we feel confident that it will be worth your while to talk to us & give us an opportunity to help you save money.

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