Impact of Cyber Terrorism

How to protect your Critical Infrastructure?

Awareness is often lacking in making your key assets safe from a cyber attack. Watching the Web Warriors movie is a good start. You need to develop a vital assets protection plan by implementing redundant FT systems, Monitoring and Training form a key part of the safe system. We recommend implementation of  Red Zone system for all your PLC based industrial automation controllers.


Red Zone System

How to Implement a Secure Process Control System?

First step is to implement a completely isolated network for the PLC's with Air-Gap. All elements have to be color coded for separation, implementing a clean room secure computer system install. All I/O devices will be blocked and or removed. System will have intrusion monitoring and locking devices. Network has no routers or access to internet implementing locked static IP's with custom addressing scheme through switches & certain key networking parameters disabled. Please contact us for more information.

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A lot of emphasis is placed on protecting brick & mortar' the Physical assets of the corporation which are often protected by Insurance. There is still a dedicated staff in a large company putting asset tags on a 5 year old desk or a chair so that one can find out if  they are lost or stolen. In a typical hospital the Beds & Ivy drip machines are tracked by RFID tags but patient records get frequently hacked & carried on a thumb drive.

The challenge is how to protect the Digital Assets, 'the intellectual property -important corporate information, your customers personal information these are the real crown jewels of the corporation. By the time you find out that they are stolen, it is too late. This can happen through a in-visible process, at the click of an e-mail or a user visiting a compromised web site innocently. It is unfortunate that not enough emphasis is placed in protecting the Digital Assets of the corporation. You can still find computer passwords under the keyboard or on a sticky note. This awareness needs to happen at the highest level of the corporation by developing policies, compliance procedures and implementing cyber security solution to limit your liability.