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“We did a rough return on investment calculation based on what we were paying ADT just in maintenance and that gave us a 12 month return on investment, which gave us the green light from a capital perspective.”
—Terry Diamond, IT Director, Tandus Flooring

We supply state of the art video surveillance systems, our first D-Link system   was installed in a fast food chain in California about seven years ago and it is still going strong. Since then, we have installed many other systems. If you like to have an extra pair of eyes to monitor your business across the city, state or nation we can help you set up a reliable network that can be monitored on your iPhone-iPad or any other android device with no monthly monitoring cost. As a business owner this gives you tremendous peace of mind and control over your operation while enhancing security. Once you install it, you will never let it go.

Being resource and budget conscious does not have to mean forgoing necessary protections. With easy to implement and easy to use cloud-managed security offerings, SMB's can get the protection enjoyed by larger enterprises without the need for onsite IT staff to manage them -with pricing that is affordable...

DIGITAL SIGNAGE with Intellisense

Digital Signage is the latest marketing tool to hit the market for small business. Our first system was installed at a church about five years ago, we donated the whole system & it is working great. We use multiple vendor solutions including Black Box to suit customer needs and budget.

However, when Digital Signage is combined with Video Surveillance + POS integration  it becomes a very powerful tool for data mining and predictive analysis. You can see the impact of  your Digital Signage advertising and specials instantly and fine tune it to match behavior patterns in a  specific market.                  All stores are managed from a central location. We can help you get there.