Smartphones in the Workplace

A New Challenge for Cyber Security...

While nearly half (49 percent) of consumers surveyed believe that the mobile device will become the primary computing device for work-related activities within the next five years, achieving this level of mobile productivity may depend on whether or not hardware and software providers can address security concerns. The survey indicated the issue of security was the most significant concern of both consumers and IT executives when it comes to BYOD implementation. Although IT executives and consumers indicate support for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and the work-life balance benefits they typically enable, a study by Samsung Electronics subsidiary Samsung Telecommunications America highlights key synergies as well as critical gaps between IT executives and their employees that will need to be addressed as BYOD becomes the norm within the next two years. The study, executed by IDG Research Services, found 85 percent of companies support BYOD today, and more than 70 percent of IT executives surveyed believe companies without a BYOD strategy will be at a competitive disadvantage. Moreover, 81 percent of IT decision-makers and 78 percent of employees said they believe that having a single mobile device helps balance employees' work and personal lives. This is a good time to start the discussion & do advance planning. We can help you in implementing a strategy for BYOD devices. Please request our News-Letter & will keep you posted of new developments in this space.

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